As the final entry for 2011, I thought at great length what would be befitting of the years last message. Naturally, reflecting on the loss of Steve Jobs seemed appropriate, but instead, I thought about how art inspires life and how with the passing of one year, we begin the New Year with a freshness amongst us–that unspoken sprit of rebirth, vigor and hope in our attitude towards life.

At age 82, Bill Cunningham, with his unassuming nature and zest for life–inspires me to move into 2012 with the same vitality and quiet confidence he projects through his lens as he documents New York and its people with his signature art-form. 

What I am most reminded of by watching his documentary by Zeitgeist Films, is that being true to your craft comes with great personal reward, at any age…and that uniqueness in your field does and should continue have a place within our culture and in the build environment around us. We’ve lost great talent in 2011–but he is still with us, and we should appreciate our icons while we still have time to let them know that they have impacted our life. Thank you, Bill.