Design is in the Details.

teD’s Install Division focuses on the intangible complexities that arise in the field and where the term MacGyver-ing isn’t just a coined expression—but rather a mantra by which we execute the final touches in the field. Design, in its two dimensional form, comes to life after shop drawings have been approved and fabrication commences. The installation determines the success or potential failure.



JEM Steakhouse, located in Coachella, an up and coming community just a few miles from the posh
California desert enclaves of Palm Springs and Palm Desert. The new redesign by teD and cuisine by renowned chef Julie Shumway dovetail perfectly – Shumway’s innovative renditions of classics offer diners all the perks of fine dining without any of the pretensions

2018-06-15 18.29.03.jpg

JET Aviation, Bedford Massachusetts

Nestled within the heart of some of American greatest literary minds, Bedford is home to Walden Pond. teD assisted JET Aviation in creating a site that was austere at best, to a warm and inviting place for its travelers to call home.


Cleveland ROCKS!

Located on the banks of Burke-Lakefront Airport, in Cleveland Ohio, teD transformed this new private aviation terminal from the nominal into the memorable.