Dedicated to solution-based design.

teD employs a hands-on approach, working directly with consultant teams and contractors to ensure a successful synthesis of design elements and the implementation of the highest design standards, as well as LEED certification requirements. Focused on projects in the aviation and transportation industry, teD has copious experience with branding design of general aviation terminals and high-end hospitality venues.

We are dedicated to working closely alongside clients as part of an immersive and cumulative design process that fosters a cohesive identity: a relationship that simultaneously occupies both the graphic and environmental.


Timeless classics. There is an inherent look and feel to the teD interior project which surpass time. We strive to marry architectural features to interior detailing in such a way that a seamless story begins to unfold as you enter any space, large or small in scale.

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Our concept based design portfolio deals in the art of helping clients make the sell needed.

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AVIATION + industrial

Our core business has been within the aviation community, specializing within General Aviation and the development of Fixed Based Operators (FBO). Over the span of 15 years teD’s impressive portfolio of aviation projects has culminated the industry and redefined the standards for which the aviation community builds to. We are proud to be the leader within this field.

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Parlaying on the notion that good design does not start and stop with one discipline. We integrate thoughtful solutions from the graphic to environmental.