Tammy Edmonds' creative forces align in her studio. As culminations of pure expression and feeling, the projects that arise from her personal studio practice are often inspired by natural forms and are some of her most introspective and compelling pieces.

Working with a variety of mediums and within numerous theoretical frameworks, Tammy harnesses her creative spirit while developing methodologies to further explore aesthetics in terms of the ephemeral relationships between color theory and textural application.

Artist Statement
Landscape and Water Collection series are acrylic on canvas works inspired by nature's rich forms – the complexity in nature's compositions – that intrinsic and brilliant knowledge of color rhythm and geometry. My paintings are interpretations of these forms expressed through a continual layering of color – an abstract multitude of color strokes that progressively seek to capture the intricacies and beauty of nature.

These complexities are always there, many hidden to the casual eye, and as the artist I become a lens that filters the details and expresses the essence on canvas. What is left for us to see in these abstractions is the rich color and the beauty of pure of form as they act upon our senses, intellect and emotions.

Edmond's art is internationally celebrated with commissions from patrons based throughout North America and Europe. Art placement in:

Paris, France
Miami, FL
Nice, France
Baden-Baden, Germany
White Plains, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Tampa, FL
Palm Springs, CA